2nd Annual BACH Fishing Tournament Rules and Regulations

  • All anglers must carry valid Fishing License.
  • Any boat that becomes disabled during the tournament may be towed back to weigh-in. Anglers may NOT transfer fish to another boat to be transported to weigh-in.
  • All fish must be caught with a rod and reel, (with the exception of gigged flounder pot). All Texas Parks and Wildlife Regulations will be enforced. Fish must be of legal size or they will be disqualified. Tagged Redfish will NOT be accepted for weigh-in.
  • If you hook a fish, that fish is yours and yours only to fight, land and weigh-in. You may not pass the rod to your partner to fight and land.
  • All fish must be in eligible condition. Each boat is responsible for keeping their fish iced down and in good condition or the Weigh Master will disqualify them. NO pale, gilled, frozen, gutted or mutilated fish will be accepted. A trimmed tail is a mutilated fish. In the event of a tie in weight, the length will determine the winner.
  • NO pooling of catches from one boat to another will be allowed.
  • Any boat entering a female and/or youth division must have female and/or youth on the boat and they must have caught and landed their own fish.
  • All fish entered must be weighed and measured by the Official Weigh Master and must be caught on the days of the tournament, Thursday, July 30 beginning at midnight and ending Saturday, Aug. 1st at 5 p.m.
  • Only one fish per category for largest fish will be weighed in. You must decide on your biggest fish and present it to the Weigh Master. If you are in the Stringer Weight Category, one fish per category is allowed. All fish must be brought to the Weigh Master at the same time. No changes will be made once you have weighed in.
  • Weigh-in at Surfside Marina will begin at 1:00 p.m. and is over at 4:00 p.m. SHARP. No fish will be accepted after the Weigh Master announces cut-off time, which is determined by the official clock (unless you were there on time, recognized by the Weigh Master and waiting in line to be weighed in).
  • The Tournament Directors have the right to exclude anyone from this tournament and to make decisions concerning any and all rules of the tournament. Their decision will be final.
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